Color Diamond Investing--Step by Step

Before any diamond transaction is embarked upon, Anglo Dutch Diamonds will thoroughly consult with you and review present market conditions, predict future conditions, assess a client's financial strength and personal goals. Anglo Dutch Diamonds will then use their expertise to find those diamonds that fulfill your specific needs at a price that is sensible in the existing market conditions. We may find that holding out for a larger quantity purchase, distress sale or some other market occurrence may best enable us to procure your diamonds at the best possible price. Our goal is always to recognize a diamond type that will become more scare and sought after, thus garnering not only a higher re-sell price in the future, but also being more marketable. Our experience with timing and developing market conditions will facilitate fulfillment of this reality.

Here are the mechanics of a typical diamond transaction:

  1. Diamond acquisition is agreed upon between Anglo Dutch Diamonds and the client and a client or numbered account is opened with us.
  2. Confirmation of purchase (or sale) is faxed or mailed to the client for approval detailing the diamond type, weight, price and date of purchase and settlement.
  3. The client remits funds to our CIBC bank via a wire transfer, Banker's draft, cheque or other preferred means as designated by the client.
  4. Receipt of funds is acknowledged by ADD to the client in writing.
  5. The diamond, original laboratory certificate and confirmation from Anglo Dutch Diamond Group is delivered to the client as per instructions.
  6. If the client should decide to sell the diamond, he/she merely forwards the original documents and release document back to Anglo Dutch Diamond Group or directly to the buyer, as directed.
  7. Transaction is complete from acquisition to disposition.

If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to call during regular business hours.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond